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YearMonthVolumeIssueWhole Number  
1978June111 Show Me
1978July122 Show Me
1978September133 Show Me
1978October144 Show Me
1978November155 Show Me
1979February16-76 Show Me
1979April18-98 Show Me
1979June11010 Show Me
1979August2111 Show Me
1979October2212 Show Me
1979December2313 Show Me
1980February2414 Show Me
1980April2515 Show Me
1980June2616 Show Me
1980August3117 Show Me
1980October3218 Show Me
1980December3319 Show Me
1981June3420 Show Me Added November 7, 2009
1981November4121 Show Me Added November 14, 2009
1982February4222 Show Me Added December 16, 2009
1982April4323 Show Me Added February 3, 2010
1982June4424 Show Me Added June 27, 2010
1982August4525 Show Me Added September 7, 2010
1982October4626 Show Me Added September 10, 2010
1982December5127 Show Me Added December 20, 2010
1983February5228 Show Me Added June 12, 2011
1983April5329 Show Me Added July 9, 2011
1983June5430 Show Me Added November 20, 2011
1983August5531 Show Me Added November 21, 2011
1983October6232 Show Me Added May 20, 2012
1983December6331* Show Me Added May 28, 2012
1984February6432 Show Me Added March 29, 2013
1984April6533 Show Me Added May 29, 2013
1984June6634 Show Me Added June 27, 2013
1984August7135 Show Me Added July 4, 2013
1984October7236 Show Me Added December 14, 2013
1984December7337 Show Me Added December 14, 2013
1985February7438 Show Me Added April 5, 2014
1985April7539 Show Me Added August 14, 2014
1985June7640 Show Me Added October 3, 2016
1985August8141 Show Me Added August 17, 2014
1985October8242 Show Me Added July 12, 2015
1985December8343 Show Me Added August 1, 2015
1986February8444 Show Me Added February 21, 2016
1992June14682 Show Me Added July 4, 2013
2000June211120 Show Me Added July 5, 2013
* Discontinuity in numbering appears to be an old problem.

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