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From the current issue of The EFO Collector! Welcome!
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EFO Students: What can you say about these? They were featured in the April-June 2010 issue of The EFO Collector!
(Hint: Well, if they were in The EFO Collector, something must be wrong or unusual...)


On Date Added following
November 2, 2018   Uploaded pictures of Auction 153.
July 28, 2018   Added BEP Booklet 100 Years of Stamp Production 1894 – 1994.
July 28, 2018   Added listings of EFO buyers, sellers and service providers.
July 23, 2018   Uploaded pictures of Auction 152.
July 9, 2018   Added a number of new items on the Resources page. Look for the "New" icons.
June 25, 2018   Posted issues of The EFO Collector from 2003 through the current issue. The last seven years are accessible only after logging in. We encourage you to become a member to gain access to all issues. At the same time, please be assured that the EFOCC will continue to share EFO knowledge with non-members, as we have done in the past.

Implemented first version of login function to provide a private section for members.
To log in, click on the Member Login button in the left column, If you are a current member, you will be able to self-register. To self register, click on the Member Login button, and then you will see a Register button.
This is basically working, but we still do have glitches. Please email your webmaster if you encounter issues.
May 20, 2018   Added honor roll.
Added EFOCC History. This is still work-in-progress.
March 30, 2018   Uploaded pictures of Auction 151.

Added column by Ed Silver titled More Freaks & Errors.

Added following columns by John Hotchner:
Two-tailed cat a result of misaligned inks on 8¢ Mail Order Stamp
Few errors, freaks slip through high level of quality control for U.S. stamps
Christmas seals founder Emily Bissell honored on club souvenir sheet
Stamp dealer cover bears Hawaii stamp with misregistered overprint
Only two miscut 18¢ Declaration of Independence souvenir sheets known
Printer's Waste
Few covers bear Eaton Paper Corp.'s 1939 engraved New York City labels
Toy stamps similar to Presidential stamps of 1938 include misperforations
Plate Flaws: crack on 15¢ Holmes, tension chock mark on 5¢ Washington
Triple comb perforations on 29¢ Wildflowers pane of 1992
Ink can migrate in chicks pictureds on 1957 3¢ Wildlife Conservation stamp
1930 Santa seal
Few errors, freaks slip through high level of quality control for U.S. stamps
March 12, 2018   Added column by John Hotchner titled Triple-perfed Flag coil may be unique.
March 7, 2018   August 1986 issue of The EFO Collector uploaded.
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The July-September 2018 issue of The EFO Collector (Whole Number 192) was sent to the printer on October 15th.

If you are a current member, the July-September 2018 issue of The EFO Collector (Whole Number 192) is available to you right now on this site! Go to the login page. If you do not have a login, you can create one at the login page.

About Us!

We collect stamps and postal stationery items that are different than intended... They may be misprinted, miscut, or otherwise mishandled during the production process and are therefore special. Here are a few examples:

Stamps and postal stationery items that have production errors are called Errors, Freaks or Oddities, depending on the type of the error. A particular error is usually relatively rare, but there are many of them.

Our Club provides members with information regarding Errors, Freaks and Oddities and is therefore called Errors, Freaks & Oddities Collectors' Club (EFOCC).

The EFOCC provides rich membership benefits, such as:

  • Subscription to The EFO Collector, our award-winning quarterly publication,
  • A quarterly auction that allows members to sell and acquire EFOs,
  • Heirs' assistance program,
  • Free exhibit critique service,
  • Seminars during the APS winter and summer shows.

We invite you to join us today!

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