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Errors, Freaks & Oddities on U. S. Stamps

Question Marks in Philately

Dr. Stanley B. Segal

The EFOCC is pleased to present the philatelic community a reprint of Dr. Stanley Segal's work, Errors, Freaks & Oddities on U. S. Stamps. When it was published in 1979, it was a ground-breaking achievement, one of the first works focusing on EFOs, and helped place EFO collecting into the mainstream of philately. You can read this book in one of two ways.
  1. You can view the pages online by clicking on the items in the table of contents shown below to see the related pages. Once you are on a content page, you can move from one page to another by clicking with your mouse on the arrows under the pages.
  2. You can also download the complete book onto your computer by clicking on the link below. If you do that you need also the PDF Viewer from Adobe software (likely already installed on your computer). Also note that the file is fairly large, and it might take a while to download to your computer, in particular if you are using a slow (dial-up) connection.
Click here view book as PDF.

The reprinted text and/or images have been taken from "Errors, Freaks and Oddities on U.S. Stamps - Questions Marks in Philately" by Dr. Stanley Segal. The text or images from the book reproduced on this website and in the PDF are the copyrighted property of United States Stamp Society and any reproduction of the text and/or images is not permitted without written consent of the United States Stamp Society. The EFOCC thanks the United States Stamp Society for permission to present Dr. Segal's book on this site.

  1869 Issue - Proofs Inverted Centers
  Pan-American Inverts
  Change-of-Design Misperforations
  Horizontal, Vertical, Two-Way Misperforations
  Diagonal Misperforations
  Cross-Gutter Misperforations
  Margin Copies
  Wide and Narrow Misperfs
Crazy Perfs
Double Perfs
  19th Century Single Stamp Imperforates
  1869 - 15¢ Reissue Imperforate Horizontally
  1893 Columbian Series - Imperforate
  2¢ Columbian - Imperforate
  Bureau Issue of 1895 - Imperforate
  8¢ Trans-Mississippi
  2¢ Louisiana Purchase 1904
The Electric Eye Perforator and Its Aberrations
  Part Perfs
  Imperforate Between
  Blind Perfs
  Horizontal Imperf, Vertical Imperf, Completely Imperforate
  Completely Imperforate
  Imperforate Between
  Imperforate Coils
  Combination Perforating Errors
  Misperfed Coils
  Imperforate Booklets
  Misfeeds, Wet Printing Shrinkage
Color Errors
Smeared and Dry Printings
Stamps Printed in the Wrong Color
Missing Colors
Colors Reversed
  Double Sheeting
  Dry Ink Well
Improper Cylinder Adjustment
Printing Varieties
  Color Variations
  Color Changelings
  Broken Inking-In Roller
  Solvent Inking Variety
Double Prints
  Tagging Doubles
  Offset Doubling
  Phantom Plate Numbers
Double Paper
Printer's Waste
Wide Spacing of Overprints and Stretched Prints
  Constricted Overprints and Missing Overprints
  Postage Due Wide Spacings
Gutter Snipes
  Production of Post Office Panes
  Foldover Gutter Snipes
  Accordion Fold Gutter Snipes
  Crazy Perf Gutter Pairs
  Favor Sheets
  Perforation Variety Gutter Snipes
  Interpane Misperf Gutter Snipe
Walt Disney Commemmorative Stamp Production
Major Disney Errors
  Disney Perforation Gutter Snipe
  Perforation Gutter Snipes - New Finds
Preprinting Paper Creases
  Preprintig Creases on Multicolored Stamps
Preprinting Paper Folds
Unprinted Areas on Stamps
INTERPHIL: Bicentennial Souvenir Sheets
  Bicentennial Souvenir Sheet Invert
Booklet Pane Production
  Goebel Bookforming Machine
Miscut Booklets
  Imperf Between
  Misperfed Booklet Panes
Plate Number Collecting - Background Notes
Plate Number Coils
  Reconstructed Plate Numbers
  Presidential Series Coil Production
  Mis-Cut Coils
  432-Subject Plate Coil - Imperforate, Miscut, Double Plate Number
Production Techniques in the Manufacture of U. S. Stamps
  Giori Press
  Giori Press and Harris Press Combinations
Nine-Color Huck Press
  Perforating Unit
  Huck Press Imperforate Between
  Huck Press Misregistrations
  Huck Press Misperfs
Andreotti Press
  Andreotti Missing Colors
  Staircase Misregistration
  Andreotti Solvent Inking Varieties
Christmas Stamps: Production
The Question Mark
References and Sources

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