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EFOCC Honor Roll

In this section, we recognize individuals who have received awards from the EFOCC. These fall into one of two categories:

EFOCC Heroes

EFOCC Heroes are individuals with extraordinary contributions to the field of EFO Collecting or to the EFOCC. Awards in a number of categories are occasionally presented, and recipients are recognized here.

The Clyde Jennings EFOCC Hall of Fame Award

1996John Hotchner
1996Howard Gates
1999Jim McDevitt
2006Nancy Clark
2016Jack C. Schiff, Jr.

The James McDevitt Award for Service to the EFOCC

1984John Hotchner
2000Ken Martin
2004Peter Rikard
2018Scott Shaulis

The EFOCC Life Membership Award

1986John Hotchner
1986Phil Nazak
1986Daniel Pagter
2018David Hunt
2018Cemil Betanov

The Robert Manning Award for the Best Article or Series of Articles in The EFO Collector

1985Earl McAfee
1986Howard Gates
1987Francis Pogue
1988Clyde Jennings
1989Bruce Mosher & George Godin
1990Michael Perry
1991John Hotchner
1992Howard Gates
1993Jim Harkleroad
1994John Hotchner
1995Betsy & Chuck Berry
1996Andrew Baer
1998Scott Owen
1999Kenna Boyd
2018Joseph Monteiro

Top EFO Exhibitors

The EFOCC provides organizers of national and international stamp shows with awards that juries can use to recognize exhibits that use EFOs beneficially in the treatment of their subject. Currently, two awards are provided: EFOCC 1st and EFOCC 2nd. For additional details on how to obtain awards for your national or international show, click here.

ShowAwardExhibitor's NameExhibit Title
NOJEX 2022EFOCC 1stPaul SchumacherUS Scott #1874a
Great American Stamp Show 2022EFOCC 1stRick GibsonSmokey Bear Issue of 1984
Great American Stamp Show 2022EFOCC 2ndAnthony F. DeweyThe 1991 "F" Tulip Stamps and Their First Day Covers
Philatelic Show 2022EFOCC 1stNorma NielsonA Study of the U.N. Chagall Window Issue
Philatelic Show 2022EFOCC 2ndLarry FillionThe United Nation's 4¢ and 11¢ World United Against Malaria Set Of 1962 And Their First Days
Garfield-Perry March Party 2022EFOCC 1stJohn M. HotchnerRejections and Repairs in U.S. Stamp Production at the Bureau of Engraving & Printing, 1907-2003
Garfield-Perry March Party 2022EFOCC 2ndJohn M. HotchnerPerforating The Sheet Stamps Of The U.S. Third Bureau Issue, 1908-1922
Philatelic Show 2021EFOCC 1stLadd FaszoldSingular Post Cards: Created by Production Anomalies
Garfield-Perry March Party 2020EFOCC 1stBryant KorenPerkins Bacon Liberian Stamps of 1897-1912
Garfield-Perry March Party 2020EFOCC 2ndLadd FaszoldSingular Postal Cords
NOJEX 2019EFOCC 1stRichard D. Bates, Jr.How Errors and Varieties Arose on Canal Zone Stamps
NOJEX 2019EFOCC 2nd Anthony F. DeweyThe "H" Rate Change Stamps of 1998 Depicting "Uncle Sam's Hat"
Stampshow/NTSS 2019EFOCC 1stArturo CodinaCuba: Errors and Varieties, 1899-1962
Stampshow/NTSS 2019EFOCC 2ndRobert E. Thompson25 Cent Honeybee - From Design to Postal Usage
Stampshow/NTSS 2018EFOCC 1stArturo CodinaCuba: Errors and Varieties
Stampshow/NTSS 2018EFOCC 2ndCharles O'BrienGeorgia Bicentennial
ROPEX 2018EFOCC 1stDouglas HatchNepal Moth Series: What Could Go Wrong?
Philatelic Show 2018EFOCC 1stAlbert L. Briggs, Jr.The Three Cent Jefferson Stamp of 1958
AmeriStamp 2018EFOCC 1stRobert D. HohertzThesis: There are no constant plate flaws on American Phototype Imprints
AmeriStamp 2018EFOCC 2ndJohn Bereuter1940 Swiss Pro Patria Souvenir Sheet
NOJEX 2017EFOCC 1stRoger BrodyProminent Americans Series
ARIPEX 2017EFOCC 1stRichard D. Bates, Jr.How Errors and Wrong Font Varieties Arose on Flat Press U.S. Stamps Overprinted CANAL ZONE
APS StampShow 2016EFOCC 1stWilliam AverbeckCanadian Errors Stamps & Causes
APS StampShow 2014EFOCC 1stWilliam AverbeckCanadian Errors Stamps & Causes
APS StampShow 2014EFOCC 2ndJohn HotchnerPerforating the Sheet Stamps of the 3rd Bureau Issue, 1908-1922
NOJEX 2011EFOCC 1stRichard D. Bates, Jr.Typesetting, Printing and Plate Varieties and Errors on Flat Press U.S. Stamps Overprinted CANAL ZONE
FLOREX 2010EFOCC 3rdVincent CentonzeType III and Type IV 3 Cent Washington Heads
FLOREX 2009EFOCC 1stWilliam DiPaoloThe Prexy Coils
APS StampShow 2009EFOCC 1stWilliam R. Weiss, Jr.United States Postal Card Multiple Impressions 1881-1987
APS StampShow 2009EFOCC 2ndWalt KrasowskiGlen Loates' Canadian Bird Varieties (1968-69)
THAMESPEX 2007EFOCC 1stTony BrunoEFO's on PNC Flag Over Coils 1981-1992
StampShow 2007EFOCC 1stWyatt WilliamsThe Evolving Story of U.S. Stamp Production Creates Terms and Puzzlements
APS AmeriStamp Expo 2007EFOCC 1stRocco Caponi2¢ Circular Die Errors, Freaks & Oddities
StampShow 2005EFOCC 1stDon David PriceJenny: The Genesis of America's First Airmail Stamp
StampShow 2005EFOCC 2ndDon David PriceU. S. Bicolor Postage Issues of 1869, 1873 and 1901
StampShow 2005EFOCC 3rdJerome V. V. KasperUnited States Aerogrammes
APS AmeriStamp Expo 2005EFOCC 1stCharles J. O'BrienJoint Issues with the United States 1959-1994
APS AmeriStamp Expo 2005EFOCC 2ndDon David PriceJenny: America's First Airmail Stamp and Most Famous Philatelic Error
VAPEX 2004EFOCC 1stNicholas LombardiThe 1903 Two Cent Washington Shield Issue

How to obtain EFOCC awards for your upcoming stamp show

The EFOCC provides organizers of national and international stamp shows two awards that can used to recognize exhibits: EFOCC 1st and EFOCC 2nd.

If you are organizing a show at the national or international level, you can receive two awards, in the form of ribbons, that the jury can award to exhibits, following our "simple & sensible" guidelines. Basically, an exhibit may be of US or foreign material (or a combination, such as thematic or topical) and does not need to consist of only or mostly EFO material to win one of the awards. It merely needs to use EFOs in ways that positively impact the exhibit in the jury's opinion. The jury may decide to award both, one or none of the awards.

We do request that you report back to us the names and, if possible, the email and postal addresses of the winners, so that we can recognize them in our quarterly journal, The EFO Collector. When mailing the ribbons to you, we include a form for the reporting as well as a SASE. A winner of the EFOCC 1st award receives a complimentary one-year membership in the EFOCC. The complimentary membership is awarded only once to an exhibitor, although the exhibitor can win the EFOCC 1st and EFOCC 2nd awards more than once.

To receive the award ribbons, please e-mail us first by clicking here. Please be sure to specify your email and postal addresses as well as the name of the show you are organizing.

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