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Guidelines for Authors

Relax! It's Easy...

It is easy to publish an EFO related article in The EFO Collector or to show your EFO material. The Editor will provide as much assistance as you need, or stay out of the way, if you are an accomplished author.

What can I publish in The EFO Collector?

The EFO Collector has several categories of items in every issue:

  • Full length feature articles address an EFO related subject in detail. These are generally 3-6 pages long and are accompanied by illustrations. The EFO Collector carries one to two feature articles in each issue.
  • Short articles allow members to convey EFO related short communications. Among these are in particular My Favourite EFO where a member presents a particular EFO and describes that EFO or something special about it, for example, how the member may have acquired it. Another feature in this category is Pages from My Exhibit where a member may showcase a few pages from her or his exhibit.
  • Miniatures refer to EFO pictures submitted by members that your Editor uses to fill open space left after inserting all the material into a new issue.
  • Member ads refer to ads and announcements that members can submit for publication.
  • Letters to the Editor allows you to address any issue related to The EFO Collector, such as if you want to provide additional information about something you read in a past issue, if you found an error, if you have a suggestion or just about anything that is relevant to your fellow members.

    In all types of articles, we like to show pictures of EFOs, exhibit pages, books, etc., the more, the better. As a matter of fact, in short articles, such as in Pages from My Exhibit we may forego text completely, since exhibit pages often speak for themselves.

    What are the Deadlines?

    We try to mail an issue around the first of March, June, September, December. While we try hard, we are not always successful, and often we are late by a couple (and couple) of weeks. Thus, in theory, the editorial deadlines are 15 days before the mailing dates. Therefore, it is helpful if you can get in your submissions by the 15th of February, May, August and November. If you intend to submit something for publication, it is always useful to contact the Editor in advance, either by email or telephone or fax or snail mail. All contact information is published on page 2 of every issue of The EFO Collector.

    How do I Send in My Material to be Published?

  • You can send your text by snail mail, e-mail or fax. E-mail is preferred as the text does not need to be retyped. If you send by mail or fax, use, if possible, a common font, such as Courier.
  • Do not worry about the formatting of your text. During the layout process, it will be reformatted.
  • Never send original material to be scanned without getting the Editor's approval beforehand. The Editor is not insured for your material.
  • If you are submitting by mail, send in clean black and white photocopies of the material. If you are making the photocopies yourself, it is helpful if you can magnify during the photocopying process, but this is not required.
  • If you are submitting by e-mail, try to attach scans of the pictures. 300 dpi jpg images in color are preferred. While we publish in black-and-white, we can make the color reduction using tools that work best. However, black and white images are also acceptable.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Editor.

    How do I publish a Full-Length Article?

  • The first consideration is that you have material that warrants a full-length article. A short discussion with the Editor will help you determine whether this is the case.
  • The Editor's role will largely depend on your level of experience. If you are an accomplished author, then just send your story to the Editor. He will look at it, and provide you feedback.Your article might be edited very slightly, to make its format match the rest of the content in The EFO Collector and to fix typos. On the other hand, if you wish, you can send the Editor a sketch of your story's content, and he will work with you to complete the story and bring it to a maturity level appropriate to the publication. This latter approach will require more time and telephone calls or e-mail exchanges.
  • If you use e-mail, the Editor will e-mail you a review copy of your article as an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file. It is helpful if you can print this our, review it, and provide feedback to the Editor. Your review should focus both on content as well as grammatical and typographical errors.
  • After publication, upon your request, the Editor will send you 5 reprints of your article printed on extra white, high quality paper. You can also ask for a PDF file that renders the article exactly as published.

    How Do I Publish a Short Article?

  • Short articles are easier to publish, because there is less to write... If you are hesitant about writing, you can send an outline of what you want to present, or even just speak to the Editor over the phone, and he will work with you to put your message into words.
  • If you use e-mail, the Editor will e-mail you a review copy of your article as an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file. It is helpful if you can print this out, review it, and provide feedback to the Editor. Your review should focus both on content as well as grammatical and typographical errors.

    How Do I Submit a Miniature?

  • Just e-mail scans or mail photocopies to the Editor.
  • Be sure to specify if you want to have them published anonymously, otherwise you will be credited by name.
  • If you attach a relevant note to your submission, such as "I like this item because...", it will likely be appear along with the picture when published.
  • If you send several items at once, they may be published in several issues.

    How Do I Submit a Member Ad?

  • There are two kinds of member ads: Member Post and Help With Members' New Projects.
  • There are submission forms for both types of ads on page 2.
  • Nonmembers can place display ads (1/4 page or larger) at the rates listed on page 2 of The EFO Collector. Contact Editor to arrange these.

    How Do I contact the Editor?

  • The Editor's address, phone number and e-mail are published on page 4 in each issue of The EFO Collector. You can also e-mail him here.


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