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ATA Chapter #94

Note on Luce Scratches, by John Ryskamp

Editor's note: The following note appeared in issue 159 (April-June 2010) of The EFO Collector, in the Questions/Answers column. The printed edition did not have space to reproduce all pictures, hence they are presented here. Note that the scans are in black-and-white, rather than in true color. You can click on each picture to see a larger, more detailed view.

John Ryskamp reports to John Hotchner:

I looked at my panes again and found more constant variety plate scratches, so I am attaching new scans showing them (exaggerated, to make them clearer).

As to the "white" paper, I don't have any from Pane Position 7, but I have found examples for the other Pane Positions. They are quite easy to identify, because the "white" panes are slightly taller than the "pink" panes. The horizontal perforations of the "white" panes are either slightly above or slightly below, the horizontal perforations in the "pink" panes. There must have been a second printing, with paper containing slightly more optical brightener. Any other guesses?

Here are my revised descriptions:

PANE POSITION 1--Variously in upper selvage and in every position 4 and every lower selvage below position 20 and every selvage next to position 16

PANE POSITION 2--Variously in upper selvage and positions 1 and 4, and every position 5, 11, 16 and 18

PANE POSITION 3--Variously in upper selvage and position 1 and every position 14

PANE POSITION 4--From what I can see, all Position 4 panes are on "white" (apparently thinner) paper compared to the "pink" paper of other panes--maybe it's my eyes; variously--and on same pane--vertical line at upper right selvage and diagonal line through "position 1 on "Pane Position"

PANE POSITION 5--on every pane below "position" 5 in "Pane Position" and variously in upper selvage and in every above position 3

PANE POSITION 6--variously in upper selvage and in every below position 16 and 19 and position 3 and in every position 4, 6, 7, 10 and 11

PANE POSITION 7--Variously in upper selvage and position 3, and every position 10 and to right of "B1" in upper left selvage

PANE POSITION 8--on every pane above position 1, to the right of position 10 and lower left corner selvage

John Ryskamp

John M. Hotchner
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