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Article by John R. Iacovino

We thank John R. Iacovino for permission to present this interesting article on our website.

In a note to efocc.org, John pointed out the following:

"This article and a follow up in The Rossica Journal, number 157, pages 100-102, Fall 2011, were my initial attempts to unravel the many different types of stamps issued by the Western Army.

Subsequent research on this issue lead me to two additional resources, listed below, which clarified open questions and allowed me to objectively differentiate the genuine, speculative and reprints (4 types) and forgeries (3 types).

This is a very fascinating and to the collecting world an ill understood issue. Its study can provide your Club Members with much enjoyment."


1. Forgery and Reprint Guide 16, Western Army Eagles. Research by Andrew Hall. Compiled by J Barefoot, Ltd., I found this on eBay.

2. R J Beans: The Eagle Stamps of the Western Army, British Journal of Russian Philately, number 37, pp. 5-16, October 1965. I obtained this from the Editor of the Journal.

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Keywords: stamp errors, stamp errors, EFO, Iacovino

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