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U.S. Notes, by John Hotchner

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Keywords: stamp errors, Hotchner, Scott 1305, Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamp and Covers, foreign entries, entry of an incorrect die on an intaglio printing plateGeorge Washington 1916 1920, Scott 467, Scott 485, Scott 505, double transfer, plate crack, Broken Hat variety on the 2ยข Columbian stamp of 1893, Bureau Issues Association, United States STamp Society, Cloudy, French, 1977, Encyclopedia of Plate Varieties on Bureau-Printed Postage Stamps, gripper crack, Liberty issue stamps of 1954, tension chock mark, imitation, cinderella, Consumer Reports, Sporty Cars stamps, bookmark, Chevrolet Corvette stamp, 1953, Dempsey, A&D Stamps and Coins, Walnut Creek, CA

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