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Policy on Using the EFOCC Mailing Lists

EFOCC occasionally receives requests for access to the EFOCC mailing list or e-mail address list from dealers who specialize in EFO philately, usually before a sale with items of interest to EFO collectors. In the past, as long as the Dealer was a Member of EFOCC, the Club allowed access to the list for a single use as long as they paid fees which covered our costs for labels and postage.

However, during a recent Board of Directors discussion, the Directors felt EFOCC should establish specific criteria for dealers or others who request to use these lists. The following rules are that those your Board has agreed upon:

  1. Members who do not wish to be contacted by Dealers or others through the use the EFOCC mailing lists shall have the right to "opt-out" by notifying the Club not to release their names and addresses. To "opt-out", members should contact the Secretary of the Club at the addresses indicated on page 4 any recent issue of The EFO Collector.
  2. A dealer requesting access to the lists shall provide the EFOCC Advertising Director or Secretary with a copy of the advertising s/he intends to send; the Board reserves the right to reject an advertisement for any reason.
  3. The distribution of any such advertising utilizing the Club's mailing lists needs to be seen as a service to the membership.
  4. The charge for using the Mailing Lists consists of two components: usage charge and cost reimbursement. (a) Usage charge is $35, and is waived for any advertiser who runs in The EFO Collector at least a half-page advertisement on an annual contract. (b) Costs reimbursement includes actual printing, mailing and handling costs. The Advertising Director will provide a quote when needed.
  5. The requesting dealer or person requesting lists shall be required to be a member in good standing of the American Philatelic Society, which implies subscribing to the APS Code of Ethics.
  6. Lists are provided for a single use.
  7. Interested parties should contact the Advertising Director or Secretary.

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